Quandong Fashion!!

Quandong Fashion

Burnt-Quandong-Necklace , quandong fashion

Quandong fashion i think has not been explored by any major players out there and i think it would be good if it was . Looking for that rustic natural look . Chances are your friends don't have one of these !

Give us a bit of time and we will include some links where u can find this type of stuff .

The seeds from the Quandong fruit are generally dried and then used in various applications from bracelets to necklaces and weve even seen some beenies ! .  All photos here we will eventually link them to the specific outlets or the makers of these things for you to check out for yourself .

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As more information becomes available we will add drying techniques and suggestions for preparation of the quandong seeds and a few helpful tips on how to use them in fashoin applications . Maybe you would like to add a few of your own here ? if so you can contact us on the above links .

Quandong Earings

18ct gold fittings

A VICTORIAN 18ct GOLD AND QUANDONG BROOCH, central half-shell in a leaf border; with safety chain.

Quandong seed and Ininti seed necklace,