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Quandong The New Superfood ?

Australian native superfoods: blue quandong

Could the Native Australian fruit the Quandong become the next superfood ? They are packed with protein ,antioxdants, vitamin e , magnesium , calcium ,  complex oils , iron & zinc . On top of that they contain twice the vitamin c of an orange . They can be eaten fresh from the tree or made into jams , pies , cakes , you name it . But are they really a superfood

So what actually is a superfood ? it can just be a nutrient rich food considered to be beneficial for your health and wellbeing , or can it ? It seems today this work gets used way too much and at the end of the day the word superfood is being used more just for marketing as it really holds no technical scientific value .  

Well as far as these supposed superfoods go the native Australian Quandong is high on the list of being good for you in Australia and until it gains a little more popularity around the world elsewhere it may stay a little low if not at all on most peoples lists of "the next thing to try " . But none theless we have no reports of it being bad for you and if you live outside of Australia you will be delighted to know that some companies are slowly starting to offer the quandong in a processed form . Hopefully a few people may start growing it abroad !



Quandong suggestions

As we slowly get going we would love to hear about your quandongsuggestions , they maybe recipes , ideas , posts , pictures , experiences , whatever you want ! as long as its about quandongs that is . 

If you are part of a g roup that has something to do with quandongs we would love to hear from you also .

In fact anything to do with quandongs we want to hear from you .

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  1. Quan Dong
    Shared publicly – 7:31 PM

    im New here , i have created this accounthttps://plus.google.com/u/0/107838830325044545724/posts to connect to my website , the last one i created was shut down for some reason so im trying to start again . I am a chef in Australia who is trying to make people aware of the native Australian fruit called the Quandong “because i can ” !!! hopefully google lets me keep this one open as im still waiting to hear back about what happened to the last one ! anyways maybe it was meant to be , i hope you guys can add me soon and share anything you may have towards the topic of the quandong , cheers i hope to hear from you soon 🙂 i will wait a few days b4 i add my website details incase they try to shut me down again , peace !
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  2. Dear Quandong space
    Hello. My name is Noriko.
    I am a Japanese.
    I am just very interested in your web site since I am planning to spread information about quandong in Japan especially for women who have some troubles about their skin and want to get well it.
    I used to stay in Australia and then am very interested in Australian organic plants and fruits. They are awesome!
    Almost all Japanese do not know what is quandong, so that I would like them to know and try it.
    My plan is a just simple, I will offer making a Japanese language web site to some companies quandong products and it will mean that Japanese customers could know and purchase quandong products.
    Please give me some advises and I would like to share and discuss Quandong information with you.
    Thank you very much for reading & warm regards,
    Noriko Watanabe

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