Where to buy Quandongs

Where to buy Quandongs

new quandong mixI'm getting alot of questions now about where to buy Quandongs , and i wish i had a simple answer !!

Quandongs are seasonal so they dont grow all year round but luckily enough there are a few companies out there now which are collecting the fruit , peeling and de-seeding it and freezing them (note : frozen quandong can last for years) .

Anyway here's a list of providers that iv'e found in Australia 1st  including one of Australia's biggest farms for buying them fresh.


http://www.quandongfarm.com/ ( the freshest and best !)



There are a few other providers around that can get you quandongs but they are not full time commercial operators . If you are in Victoria and have the time to get to Broken Hill you will find that many locals have them growing in their back yards !! Also Broken Hill has one of the largest Quandong farms around   named Quandong Farm Broken Hill . If you can i would buy fresh Quandongs in season straight from  the farm , if you cant they can certainly tell you where else you can buy them from and who they supply.